About Us


The Edgenet website was started by David Allis way back – around 2004. David & his wife Margaret transitioned out of organised church in 2004, and started a church in their home (Devonport, Auckland). This house church continued, with a variety of forms and people, until 2016.

As part of this, David wrote a few articles on various exciting topics, and also started trying to find other house churches to network with.
One of the problems with house churches is their lack of visibility – how do you find a house church in your area? Hence this directory of house churches was started.

In 2016/2017, the articles David wrote / circulated were moved to a new site – A Better World – where David continues to blog (when he finds the time). Some of the other activities that David is involved in can be seen at Better World NZ.  Contact David via email at david @ betterworld.nz

This site is now run by Mark Shotbolt – Auckland ….  Mark is ….